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Matrix Al Network - Revolutionary Technology With Unlimited Potential

Matrix Al Network: artificial intelligence on blockchain

Every good investor is part-pessimist in his/her heart. In a way, this works for them as they avoid any potential landmines that they might step on because of a wrong investment move. Most investors first look for the loopholes in any opportunity to assess risks. So, if you’ve even an iota of knowledge about investing in the blockchain, then the Matrix AI Network is sure to look like an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We will give you 5 reasons to choose Matrix Al Network. But, here is something to hold your attention until you read the reasons and your mind processes the information.
Thanks to Matrix Al, for the first time ever, two futuristic technologies – Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology – are coming together to produce what might be called the state-of-the-art intelligent blockchain platform. You should be excited by this news because the successful union of these two technologies plugs the loopholes and addresses the major problems faced by the blockchain industry today.

Addresses the Issue of Smart Contracts

The shortage of specialist programmers needed to create, tweak and update smart contracts is the first issue addressed by the Matrix Al Network. The revolutionary natural language smart contract that’s being created by Matrix will allow the parties involved to feed their intent and requirements in their own language into the engine. The technology will convert the natural language to code and create/update the smart contract.

The new technology prevents industries and businesses from running after Solidity programmers (who by the way are in short supply), shell out huge sums of money, and waste time. In addition, the introduction of AI-backed smart contracts is sure to increase the adoption of the blockchain technology.

Boosts Transaction Speed up to 1 Million per Second

The Matrix Al Network seems to invest the bulk of its effort and resource on optimizing the performance to the blockchain technology. The company is working on creating new algorithms and developing performance-based chipsets to undertake calculations of the most complex nature.

The technology, as it is available today, can perform up to 50k transactions per second. Matrix Al Network is aiming to hit the magic figure of 1 million TPS in the near future. We will soon see the new technology perform highly-complex parallel computations and leave the current system of calculations using the now-available mining far behind.

Adaptable Technology to Plug Security Holes

In general, the decentralized architecture of blockchain has proved quite effective in withstanding the continuous onslaught of hackers. In fact, so far, we have not seen anyone successfully break into the Bitcoin network. To say, blockchain is completely hack-proof would be stretching the truth, but, at present, it is as good as it gets.

While blockchain has aced the security test, the smart contracts have seen quite a few breaches. The security vulnerabilities in smart contracts have cost businesses dearly, with millions of dollars swindled or lost. To exclusively build security infrastructure and removing loopholes, the company Quantstamp was started.

Bad guys don’t quit and they are all over the world. Hence, to secure smart contracts we need the adaptable Al technology that Matrix Al Network is developing. The standard security and verification methods coupled with artificial intelligence technology identify and remove all security threats.

Purposeful Mining to Cut Down Power Consumption

Up to now, the cryptocurrency industry has drawn flak from all quarters for guzzling massive amount of power without adding much to the mining process. It’s believed that Bitcoin and others use more than two-thirds of the world’s computing power.

The purposeful mining mechanism introduced by Matrix Al Network will improve power efficiency. The technology used by Matrix goes far beyond the regular calculations needed for the mining process. The Al-supported engine created by Matrix can perform really complex computations with minimal energy and also add real value to many businesses and industries. Experts are really upbeat because they feel hospitals, educational institutions, banks, and other institutions can greatly benefit from Matrix's purposeful mining.

The Tech Backbone of the OBOR Project

China is reopening the ancient silk route, only this time they are making it bigger, better, and bolder. The massive economic project christened Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) (informally called One Belt, One Road Project) is to cover 65 countries at an investment of over 1 Trillion dollars (Wow!).

Why is this important to mention? Matrix Al Network is the tech backbone of the whole trillion dollar OBOR project. They are the only artificial intelligence and blockchain partners solely in charge of assessing the technology needs, evaluating the incoming technologies, and facilitating their implementation.

Matrix Al Network: An Opportunity Not To Be Missed

Some big names have already seized the opportunity to invest in the Matrix Al platform. Heavyweight investors like Torque Ventures and Cybernaut have thrown their weight behind Matrix.

Matrix Al Network has made the right moves and checked all the right boxes so far. The natural language smart contracts, high-speed transactions, fool-proof security infrastructure, eco-friendly purposeful mining, and involvement in OBOR (BRI) Project, all point to a bright future with unlimited potential for growth.

Sure, there are other investment opportunities out there, but the Matrix Al Network promises to be a game changer at every level.