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Stellar Lumens prediction, HODLing for Profitability

Stellar Lumens prediction, HODLing for Profitability.

Stellar Lumens, ranked 7th according to coinmarketcap, has been trading under the radar for quite some time now and exponentially rising in value since its introduction in August 2014. While at first glance, it doesn’t appear quite as enticing or appealing to all traders, as in the cases of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc., Stellar’s success has made it into the top 10 gainers list in 2018.

In the context of HODLing, Stellar Lumens looks to be one of the most impressive options. HODLing should be done carefully, considering that a market with a bullish sentiment might experience fatigue unpredictably. The hype around a particular project may not be enough to sustain its value and HODLing won’t solve the purpose.  As mentioned earlier Stellar Lumens has the perfect company framework, technology, use-cases as well as a growing demand for Stellar integration across many industries, which would make it a prime candidate for HODLing.


Stellar price and Reasons for HODL:

Stellar Lumens is among the top 10 gainers of the year, according to coinmarketcap, with an estimated 2600% growth within a year. Much has to do with how Stellar works as well as other factors which are discussed in brief below.

   • Proven Coin: Stellar has been performing well for quite some time now, backed by a skilled dev team and good company infrastructure.  As mentioned earlier, Stellar has gained 2600% against the dollar, as well as gaining 500% against Bitcoin and double that amount against Ethereum. Since Bitcoin and Ethereum are two of the pioneers of cryptocurrencies, the recent gains are definitely a positive sign for Stellar.

   • Improving Company infrastructure and Vision: The Stellar Lumens team have certainly up their game in the development of their XLM tokens.  One of the first tasks the team is involved with is to remove outdated projects from the Stellar network. They have also undertaken measures to ensure that the Stellar network directories are cleaned and updated with fresh projects introduced recently.

   • Establishing New Projects: Stellar has never shied away from introducing new projects on its blockchain, with Cross hedge, Till Billy, REM Royalty being just some of the successful examples. Other projects rumoured to be in works, include a blockchain based social networking system, as well as establishing a digital-based payment network. In a market where investor sentiment takes priority, such fruitful advancements can only increase the coins value over the coming months.


Make money on Stellar ?

Holding is not an easy investment strategy to follow, where one wrong move can result in huge losses for a novice trader. However, HODLing profitability depends mainly on investor’s perception of a particular cryptocurrency and its long-term potential. In this case, Stellar has definitely the makings of being a viable investment option. With a recent string of partnerships announces, Stellar is looking at mass adaptability. At the time of writing, Stellar Tokens were valued at $0.250751 USD (CoinMarketCap) with a Market cap of $4,664,981,198 USD, making it one of the fastest growing coins in the crypto-verse. In a generally volatile and unpredictable Cryptocurrency market, HODLing Stellar is probably the best option among all the other top 10 Cryptocurrencies in existence today.