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TEZOS Blockchain – A new digital commonwealth

Introducing Tezos Blockchain

When its proposed launch was announced, many were in strong anticipation for the blockchain that would eventually bring some stability to the volatile world of cryptocurrency. It had many things in its offering, and this was not just because it had the largest initial coin offering (ICO) to date which was in the regions of over 200 million dollars. It also had some other very strong features from security, proof of stake and the one chain governance. Its goal was simple; create a platform where smart contracts and decentralized applications can thrive. Looking back many will question how much it has been able to achieve or if it has indeed lived up to its expectations, but with the launch of the betanet, one is sure comfortable to say we have not seen the last of the Tezos Blockchain at least not yet. In this article, we would quickly review what it is and some facts about the Tezos.

What is Tezos?

Tezos is said to be the future of the digital commonwealth because it aims to provide a future blockchain that is smart and secure. The idea is to have a blockchain that can be flexible in adding innovations without necessarily damaging the markets. Unlike another blockchain, it must be said that Tezos Blockchain is its own, in that it wasn’t built on either bitcoin or Eethereum. This is understandable as Tezos doesn’t want to be just another bitcoin or Ethereum but a potential competitor in its way.

The story of the Tezos Blockchain

Tezos Blockchain came into the world of cryptocurrency with a very grand offer, and it no doubt became a huge digital commonwealth very quickly. Howbeit still slightly marred in some controversies, Tezos Blockchain still nurses the potential that it carried from inception and so many still view its blockchain as an investment that still carries sufficient potential to woo investors. This is not far from the truth when you consider its aim of offering the first cryptocurrency in the world that would be self-amending. This is not all, the Tezos Blockchain initial coin offering recorded the largest for such an offering that has so far been recorded worldwide. We are talking about a whooping 232 million dollars that were raised. So outside the popular scandal which so often distracts from the potential of the Tezos Blockchain, it suffices to say that this blockchain has been a revolution development in the world of cryptocurrency and it no doubt has sights on improving the world of cryptocurrency as we currently know it. This is not all, as at June 30th 2018 tezos launched the beta version which is no doubt an improvement on the current blockchain and with this renewed commitment there is no telling how much this would help generate for investors.


Investing in the Tezos blockchain

So why invest in Tezos Blockchain? We would consider 3 reasons below why Tezos would be a worthy investment for you.

  • The real deal: Tezos Blockchain carries the potential of being the next big thing in the digital commonwealth of our world. When you consider Bitcoin and Ethereum for example and how the big winners from that investment where those that got in before the crowd, you stand to gain something similar with the Tezos Blockchain.
  • The Tezos name: Tezos is quickly molding itself into a notable brand in the cryptocurrency world and it is expected to soon be a major competitor to both Bitcoin and Ethereum.  
  • The future: With the launch of the beta version, the Tezos Blockchain is well poised to take over the cryptocurrency world in the nearest future with a good return on investment for investors.