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Zcoin (XZC) will win the race for top privacy coin in 2018

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way, and now we are at a point where governments are ramping up talk of regulations. We all know the implications of this, right? Issues like taxes are going to make cryptocurrencies trading more complicated. This will have the impact of shifting crypto volumes towards privacy coins, coins that allow you to hold your digital wealth, without having to worry about anyone snooping around. One of the best privacy coins you should be looking out for is Zcoin. This coin has some high tech privacy features that make it stand out in the privacy space.

Let’s go through some of them then you will understand why this is a coin worth HODLing. 

ZCoin Price Forecast for 2018

1. The mint feature - This is probably one of the most interesting aspects of Zcoin. Thanks to this feature, you can convert any coin on the public ledger into a private coin that is not traceable by anyone else. This is one aspect of Zcoin that is bound to attract investor interest as the need for privacy in crypto space grows.

Just imagine how much the demand for Zcoin would grow if a major coin were to go private using zero coin technology. That would be a big deal. As the demand for privacy coins grows, expect the value of Zcoin to hit the stratosphere. This is definitely one coin that could easily grow by over a thousand percent in 2018. 

2. The spend feature - This is another aspect of Zcoin that is guaranteed to push it to the moon. Thanks to this feature, one can spend the coins that they have taken private “minted”, without their identity being revealed. This means both your digital wealth and your identity is protected. Isn’t that huge? Picture this for a moment. You hold some coins on the public ledger then the government decides to crack down on the crypto market.

All you would have to do is use ZCoin’s zero coin technology to mint the coin, then spend it elsewhere, and no one will know that you own those coins. This feature is guaranteed to push Zcoin above other privacy coins such as Monero (XMR). It’s just the right tech at a time when the push by governments to reign in on the crypto market is growing. 

3. The process can be repeated infinitely - Here is the best part. The process of minting and spending coins can be repeated indefinitely. This means Zcoin can be used to mask any amount of coins from the public blockchain. My guess is that this will propel the usage of this coin by American, Chinese and South Korean investors. That’s because these are the countries where the issue of regulation and taxation has come out most prominently in the recent past. Considering that they are also the largest crypto markets on the planet, you can expect the value of Zcoin to shoot up significantly.

Zcoin also happens to have a relatively low coin supply of just 21.4 million coins. As the demand continues to increase against this capped supply, expect the value of this coin to surge. This is the one coin you should be looking to buy and HODL in 2018. The value growth potential is just too high.

Considering that the value of the entire crypto market is down right now, it makes sense to stock up on this coin before bulls take over the market. Once they do, this coin will skyrocket, and you will have missed out on a chance at an exceptional ROI.