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ICO event calendar

Ronaldinho Soccer Coin 2018-08-162018-10-17

Creating a key coin for Soccer World

Qravity 2018-08-182018-10-07

Decentralized content production and distribution platform

Dataeum 2018-08-202018-09-30

Blockchain-based Platform Using Crowdsourcing for Data Generation

Delicia 2018-08-312018-09-15

Decentralized Food Network connecting Food retailers and consumers

Flipnpik 2018-09-012018-10-31

Collaborative Social Media for local businesses

GigTricks 2018-09-012018-09-30

Crypto Ecosystem for On-Demand Economy

MOBU 2018-09-012018-09-15

The Future of Security Tokens

REM Loyalty 2018-09-042018-10-31

Unlock your loyalty rewards

RAWG 2018-09-052018-12-31

Video game discovery platform

Gledos 2018-09-062018-10-06

A Single Place To Learn

ServAdvisor 2018-09-092018-10-10

Decentralized services recommendation platform

EXMO Coin 2018-09-102018-10-10

Grow your crypto capital

Agora 2018-09-15

Bringing our voting systems into the 21st century

Digits 2018-09-182018-10-18

Turns any debit or credit card into a crypto card

Energy Premier 2018-09-212018-12-30

Blockchain based electricity trading & bidding platform

Paytomat 2018-10-012018-10-30

Decentralized Franchise, Loyalty Program, DAO for Crypto Payments

Wyzerr 2018-10-012018-12-31

Modern, wiser way to collect feedback

Vibeo 2018-10-022018-10-31

Instant Messaging/Social app powered by blockchain

Helium 2018-10-152018-11-30

A Decentralized Machine Network

Skillchain 2018-10-262018-11-24

Your Certified Skills on Blockchain

Crypto HongBao 2018-10-262018-11-26

A Decentralized Game Currency

Bountie 2018-10-272018-11-07

Get Paid to Play

NWPSolution 2018-12-012019-01-31

Intellectual healthcare ecosystem managed by individuals on blockchain

TransCrypt 2019-02-012019-02-28

Send and receive cryptocurrency like a message