Market cap: $262,746,707,498 / 24h Vol: $60,124,437,247 / BTC Dominance: 68.7103%
Cryptocurrencies: 2473 / Markets: 20154

ICO event calendar

Bitcademy Football 2019-05-012019-07-31

Football Marketplace With AI And Players Predictions

FortFC 2019-02-162019-07-31

Unique Cryptoliquidity Aggregator

Tecracoin 2018-10-012019-07-31

The mission of Tecra project is to compose a research and investment holding.

Dora Network 2019-06-012019-06-30

High performance, Zero-transaction fee

Glyff 2019-03-202019-06-19

Privacy for smart contracts and beyond

BitValve 2019-04-152019-06-15

P2P Crypto Exchange

FoodNation 2019-03-012019-05-31

Blockchain Food Delivery Marketplace

Moozicore 2018-11-262019-05-31

Changing the background music experience

Coinchase 2018-11-262019-05-26

Chase Valuable Coins at Early Stage

Transcendence Network 2019-04-222019-05-22

Democratising sustainable infrastructure projects

Membrana 2019-04-102019-05-10

Trust Management Of Digital Assets

Aeternum 2018-11-012019-05-01

World's First Science and Intellectual Property driven ICO

Imusify 2019-04-012019-04-30

A fully decentralized music platform

Emusic 2018-11-012019-04-30

Redefining Music Distribution Through Blockchain

EndChain 2018-12-012019-04-30

Patent Pending, Affordable Tracking

mHealthCoin 2018-12-102019-04-30

Mine, your health!

aassio 2019-03-012019-04-30

Real Estate Liquidity Ecosystem

European Cryptocurrency Exchange 2019-04-012019-04-30

Filling the European gap in secure and regulatedexchanges 2019-01-202019-04-20

Decentralized Music Streaming Micropayments Between Artists and Fans

Skynavpro 2018-12-032019-04-15

Navigate to the in-flight revolution

Clarity 2019-02-142019-04-08

Empowering Small Businesses Through Blockchain Technology

Uncloak 2019-03-272019-04-04

Next Generation Cyber Security Threat Management

FAST INVEST 2018-04-012019-04-01

Investment Bank

Orvium 2018-03-112019-04-01

Open and Transparent Science Powered By Blockchain

Remco 2018-12-012019-03-31

Distributed Token generating Platform for Money Transfer

ChainZilla 2019-01-012019-03-30

Blockchain Deployment & Ico Management

Eqwity 2019-01-302019-03-30

Let's Self-Regulate the Blockchain Industry Together!

Poseidon Foundation 2019-02-162019-03-24

Optimizing impact

CWEX 2019-01-102019-03-21

Decentralized fine wine trading

Jarvis Exchange 2018-11-262019-03-21

Borderless trading and finance

Vtuur 2019-02-052019-03-20

Redefine VR traveling and exploring

Ocean Protocol 2018-03-012019-03-20

Decentralized Data Exchange Protocol to Unlock Data for AI

Pledgecamp 2019-02-182019-03-19

The Next Generation of Crowdfunding

Mycro 2019-03-032019-03-17

Simply Getting the Job Done

MedicoHealth 2019-01-152019-03-15

The biggest doctor-patient environment based on blockchain

RAWG 2019-03-012019-03-15

Video game discovery platform

Stacktical 2019-01-152019-03-15

Automatic Downtime Compensation

Instant Access Medical 2019-01-162019-03-14

The point of consensus

Brain Space 2018-10-012019-03-10

International multi-platform for talent promotion, IP protection

Expercoin 2019-02-012019-03-01

Protocol for AI-powered Learning Economies and Marketplaces

Kryptoin ETf's 2018-09-012019-03-01

Digital Currency ETF Platform

Betoken 2018-10-222019-03-01

Crypto fund managed by an open meritocracy

TransCrypt 2019-02-012019-02-28

Send and receive cryptocurrency like a message

ServAdvisor 2019-01-212019-02-28

Decentralized services recommendation platform

Alluma 2019-01-152019-02-28

Institutional grade cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to the emerging markets

Primary 2018-08-012019-02-28

Connect blockchain with real world

Scientificcoin 2018-07-202019-02-28

Blockchain platform for scientific projects with decentralized evaluation

Investx 2018-11-012019-02-28

SME Equity Crowdfunding Platform

Stackr 2019-01-152019-02-28

Long-term saving solution

GG World Lottery 2018-11-302019-02-28

First government-regulated national and global online lotteries.

Mediar 2018-08-032019-02-28

Community-driven Digital Environment Empowering Sports Fans

Terra 2019-01-302019-02-28

Powering the innovation of money

weBloc Protocol 2018-11-122019-02-28

Tokenized Advertising Alliance Protocol

WHIRL 2018-11-262019-02-27

Socially driven pay it forward crowdfunding platform

GSC Platform 2019-01-252019-02-27

Disrupting the Supply Chain

Blue Chip Vision 2018-12-272019-02-25

An Alternative Digital Future

Dataeum 2019-01-212019-02-24

Blockchain-based Platform Using Crowdsourcing for Data Generation

WeBuy 2019-01-072019-02-16

On-Demand Era-Commerce Platform

Araw 2018-09-102019-02-15

The Decentralised Payment for E-Commerce Ecosystem

8gig 2018-08-152019-02-15

Accelerating Software Development for Digital Transformation

Sound Legends 2018-12-152019-02-15

Unequalled services for independent musicians

AWAX Blockchain Of Trust 2019-01-152019-02-15

The New Technology of Trust

Electrominer 2018-08-152019-02-12

Solar Powered Blockchain Mining Ecosystem

Inflr 2018-12-102019-02-11

Blockchain-based platform that connects advertisers to influencers

Crypto Circle eXchange 2018-12-282019-02-02

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Smart Trip Platform 2018-06-252019-02-01

Connecting travelers and travel service providers

TranslateMe Network 2018-11-012019-02-01

Decentralised Translation Solution

Metabase 2018-09-042019-01-31

Blockchain platform to build, scale, and monetize next-generation businesses

NWPSolution 2018-12-012019-01-31

Intellectual healthcare ecosystem managed by individuals on blockchain

MOBU 2018-12-012019-01-31

The Future of Security Tokens

Deneum 2018-10-012019-01-31

Ultra low-cost renewable electricity that saves billions of dollars

Azbit 2018-09-012019-01-31

Blockchain Investing Banking

BlooCYS 2018-11-012019-01-31

Experts at your Fingertips

BrikBit 2018-11-292019-01-31

Blockchain-based ecosystyem for the real estate industry

Stoby 2018-12-012019-01-31

Tokenized Student job platform

GCBIB 2018-11-202019-01-31

Blockchain Platform for Cryptocurrency-based Financial Services

Rubiix 2019-01-062019-01-28

Connecting Brands & Consumersthrough Collateral Data Staking

Namek 2018-12-032019-01-27

Your Airdrop and Bounty platform

simplyBrand 2018-12-272019-01-27

Making digital commerce trustworthy through blockchain, AI, and you

Terra Virtua 2018-11-202019-01-20

Blockchain-driven VR entertainment Platform

RigoBlock 2018-12-182019-01-18

Decentralized asset management network

LAPO 2018-07-162019-01-15

Decentralized Finance Reinvented

Citowise 2018-12-152019-01-15

Developing Cryptopayment Infrastructure

STIPS | FinTech 2018-11-152019-01-15

Decentralized Crypto-Finance Ecosystem

Democracy Earth 2018-12-012019-01-15

Borderless peer to peer democracy

Bluebelt 2018-12-142019-01-14

Tokenized security exchange

433 Token 2018-06-162019-01-10

Empowering Soccer Fans with Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts

Ethfinex Nectar Token 2018-02-132018-12-31

The home of digital tokens trading & discussion

ConcertVR 2018-04-152018-12-31

Live concerts with VR

FLATLAY 2018-09-012018-12-31

Blockchain affiliate & content marketing network

Monoreto 2018-08-152018-12-31

Social network with monetization of likes

Deedcoin 2018-04-302018-12-31

Own Deedcoin, Own Your Home

Tontine Trust 2018-09-012018-12-31

A Better Retirement Secured by the Blockchain

Treon 2018-05-212018-12-31

Crypto Revolution To Utility Payments

The Sun Exchange 2018-05-212018-12-31

Blockchain based solar panel micro-leasing marketplace

Flipnpik 2018-09-012018-12-31

Collaborative Social Media for local businesses

Wyzerr 2018-10-012018-12-31

Modern, wiser way to collect feedback

Safeguard 2018-06-072018-12-31

Accident prevention through AI & Blockchain

Masterworks 2018-08-012018-12-31

The world’s most valuable paintings, available to all

SID Token 2018-09-152018-12-31

Share Internet Data