Market cap: $114,675,934,661 / 24h Vol: $17,954,828,595 / BTC Dominance: 54.243%
Cryptocurrencies: 2071 / Markets: 16010

ICO event calendar

VTOS 2018-09-242018-12-17

Decentralized CDN & Social Network

RENC Sharing Platform 2018-09-252018-12-16

P2P Car Sharing Platform

Data Choice 2018-11-012018-12-16

Control of your personal data

Depository Network 2018-06-262018-12-15

Decentralized Multi-Platform Collateral Infrastructure

Fluzcoin 2018-07-012018-12-15

The Intelligent Retail Currency

Aceso 2018-10-152018-12-15

User to user cyber threat intelligence

NHCT 2018-10-012018-12-15

Blockchain Powered Ecosystem forTotal Health

LendLedger 2018-10-302018-12-15

The Future of Lending

V-ID 2018-09-152018-12-15

Ending document fraud with blockchain powered validation

Authpaper Delivery 2018-09-152018-12-15

Deliver secrets with trust and verify 2018-12-012018-12-14

A crypto-investment social network

ArtPro 2018-11-052018-12-14

The Art of Blockchian

Twogap 2018-11-302018-12-14

Thriving the cryptocurrency Market with crytobonds

Beaxy Exchange 2018-09-012018-12-12

All-in-One Cryptocurrency Exchange

Inlock 2018-09-152018-12-12

Crypto Backed Loans

Yanu 2018-10-102018-12-12

Fully Autonomous Robot Bartender From The Future

Lucre 2018-10-152018-12-11

Algorithmic trading Platform on a Blockchain Network

Bitsong 2018-08-102018-12-10

Decentralized Music Streaming Platform

Aiar 2018-07-102018-12-05

360° Ecosystem of microlearning

MedicoHealth 2018-11-012018-12-01

The biggest doctor-patient environment based on blockchain

MulTra News App 2018-06-092018-12-01

Get paid for reading news

Prime Shipping Foundation 2018-11-152018-12-01

Token for shipping industry

Platin 2018-10-282018-12-01

Proof of Location Protocol on the Blockchain

Echarge 2018-04-142018-11-30

Electric Charging Station Redefined

DeNet 2018-11-012018-11-30

Hosting. Storage. Computing platform

Helium 2018-10-152018-11-30

A Decentralized Machine Network

VectorZilla 2018-10-012018-11-30

Blockchain Based AI Driven Stock Graphics Platform

Trecento Blockchain Capital 2018-06-012018-11-30

All-In-One Blockchain Investment Solution

Benchmark 2018-05-282018-11-30

The Venture Token

Parkres 2018-08-152018-11-30

Decentralized Parking Reservation System

TalentSnap 2018-10-012018-11-30

Automating Hiring with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Blockpass 2018-05-312018-11-30

Identity for a Connected World

RecordsKeeper 2018-10-012018-11-30

Open-Source Public Platform for Record Keeping & Data Security

CryptoCurve 2018-10-302018-11-30

Simplifying the complexity of blockchain technology

TrigID 2018-10-312018-11-30

Universal Digital Identity System

Sendy 2018-11-012018-11-30

Radically Better Email Through Rewarding Attention

Gemstra 2018-11-012018-11-30

The Future of Social Selling

Svper 2018-11-012018-11-30

Redefining Socializing Online

Neironix 2018-09-012018-11-30

Rating Analytical Agency

Snapparazzi 2018-10-152018-11-30

Become a citizen journalist

Wellmee 2018-11-012018-11-30

Rewarding People for Their Wellbeing

Connecty 2018-10-152018-11-30

The blockchain of knowledge and innovation

Non-Zero Platform 2018-08-302018-11-30

Breaking The Zero-Sum Bias!

Icovo 2018-10-102018-11-30

ICO Platform Implementing DAICO

Acqua Intelligence 2018-11-252018-11-30

Empowering the Trust Economy

GOeureka 2018-09-102018-11-30

Blockchain hotel booking platform

PlayChip 2018-06-012018-11-28

The Universal Gaming Token

Discoperi 2018-10-172018-11-27

Leading the Automotive Revolution

Crypto HongBao 2018-10-262018-11-26

A Decentralized Game Currency

SMART VALOR 2018-11-012018-11-26

Decentralized Marketplace for Tokenized Alternative Investments

UniFox 2018-10-282018-11-25

Imagine MasterCard for cryptocurrencies

Skillchain 2018-10-262018-11-24

Your Certified Skills on Blockchain

M2O Token 2018-10-292018-11-23

Have a M2O, Have a dream life.

Enkronos 2018-06-142018-11-20

Digital Strategy

Beatrix 2018-10-182018-11-18

Blockchained Energy And Telecommunications 2018-10-172018-11-17

Decentralized platform to rent and share vehicles

MyDFS 2018-10-152018-11-16

Blockchain-powered daily fantasy sports

DESICO 2018-11-072018-11-16

Decentralized Ecosystem for Security ICOs

Cryptyk 2018-09-262018-11-16

Decentralized Cloud Storage with Blockchain Security

Kuende 2018-10-192018-11-16

Creating Real Life Experiences

Arround 2018-09-152018-11-16

Universal DecentralizedAugmented Reality Platform

War Field 2018-07-262018-11-15

Play To Win Crypto

Truth Data Cloud 2018-09-182018-11-15

Your Data. Rewarded.

Finnoq 2018-10-152018-11-15

Make Better Decisions

Menlo ONE 2018-09-162018-11-15

Developer framework for making dApps that don't suck

ZelaaCoin 2018-02-082018-11-15

Zelaacoin stands for creating dynamic products & platforms to mainstream cryptocurrencies

Agate 2018-08-212018-11-15

CryptoEconomy 2.0

CYBR 2018-10-152018-11-15

Cyber Security Ecosystem and Utility Token

Pungo Token 2018-09-152018-11-15

The digital token of Peer2group

Kinesis 2018-09-102018-11-11

The Evolution of Gold Standard

Varanida 2018-09-282018-11-10

A Better Fair & Transparent Digital Ecosystem

Jcash 2018-07-112018-11-09

Social Lifestyle Mobile Application

ONe Social Network 2018-10-092018-11-09

Deliver Privacy in the new Social 2.0.

Media Protocol 2018-11-052018-11-09

Earn Tokens while Reading, Watching and Sharing Content

Bountie 2018-10-272018-11-07

Get Paid to Play

Liquid8 2018-10-092018-11-07

Decentralized P2P Multi-Functional Platform

EtainPower 2018-11-012018-11-04

Blockchain-based Energy Ecosystem Powered by AI

Metabase 2018-09-042018-11-02

Blockchain platform to build, scale, and monetize next-generation businesses

Everest 2018-09-042018-11-02

Financial Technologies Elevating Humanity

DeskBell Chain 2018-05-212018-11-01

Blockchain platform of the hotel and tourism industry

Open Collectors Network 2018-10-012018-11-01

The future protocol for one-of-a-kind token

Ubecoin 2018-06-052018-11-01

A Cryptocurrency designed for business and entertainmen

Loyakk VEGA 2018-06-152018-10-31

Blockchain-enabled platform for B2B engagement

INTRO 2018-06-012018-10-31

Global marketplace of real estate at developers’ prices

Energy Premier 2018-09-212018-10-31

Blockchain based electricity trading & bidding platform

REM Loyalty 2018-09-042018-10-31

Unlock your loyalty rewards

Zichain 2018-09-162018-10-31

Pioneering Crypto Finance

TrustedCars Flex 2018-09-172018-10-31

Changing car ownership forever

Vibeo 2018-10-022018-10-31

Instant Messaging/Social app powered by blockchain

SamBanx 2018-10-012018-10-31

Mobile Crypto Banking

Pigzbe 2018-09-052018-10-31

A tangible digital piggy-wallet for children

Virtual Universe 2018-10-012018-10-31

An epic, story-driven open world game in LivingVR™

JustHive 2018-05-212018-10-31

A micro-forum company

Word of Mouth Professional 2018-07-202018-10-31

First total solver for word of mouth players

Helix Orange 2018-08-132018-10-31

Generation ICO

Dona 2018-05-082018-10-31

Donation platform

CoinAnalyst 2018-06-212018-10-31

Understanding Cryptocurrencies

Cosplay 2018-07-292018-10-31

Cosplay Token

4Artechnologies 2018-08-312018-10-31

Transparency, authenticity and security for the art world

Blockshipping GSCP 2018-05-142018-10-31

Transforming The Global Container Shipping Industry